Laser Prophylaxis in Patients with Stickler Syndrome

Published:November 10, 2021DOI:



      To evaluate the association between laser prophylaxis, retinal detachment, and visual acuity among patients with Stickler syndrome


      Retrospective comparative case series


      Patients with Stickler syndrome


      Patients received extended vitreous base laser (EVBL), non-protocol laser (NPL), or no laser prophylaxis of any kind

      Main Outcome Measures

      The two main outcome measures that were examined were rates of retinal detachment and visual acuity in these patients.


      230 eyes of 115 patients were included in this study. 59 patients were female (51%). The median age at laser prophylaxis was 9.5 years old (6-13), and the median age of patients with RD was 11 years old (7-18). 92 of those eyes did not undergo any laser, 9 received NPL, and 129 received EVBL. Of the 129 eyes who underwent EVBL, 4 (3%) had an RD, compared to the 74 eyes (73%) which had an RD that did not receive laser treatment or had NPL (P<0.001). Eyes with EVBL had about 8 lines better vision, on average, compared to those without laser or NPL (-0.86 logMAR, 95% CI -1.1- -0.64, P< 0.001).


      EVBL appears to reduce the rate of subsequent RD and is associated with better visual acuity in patients with Stickler syndrome.
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