A Novel Method to Detect and Monitor Retinal Vasculitis Using Swept-Source OCT Angiography

Published:February 18, 2021DOI:


      To introduce a novel method for assessment of retinal vasculitis using swept-source OCT angiography (SS-OCTA).


      Retrospective case series.


      Patients with retinal vasculitis.


      The subjects were identified among the clinic population and imaged with 12 × 12-mm SS-OCTA scans centered on the fovea. A custom retina segmentation superimposed the color retinal thickness map on a modified en face flow scan. Findings from en face flow scans were correlated with localized perivascular retinal thickening on B-scans. Results from SS-OCTA were compared with fluorescein angiography (FA) to examine the proportion of perivascular thickening to retinal vascular leakage or staining.


      Twenty-one patients with retinal vasculitis underwent same-day FA and SS-OCTA. Visible retinal vascular leakage/staining on FA corresponded to increased perivascular retinal thickness on SS-OCTA in 17 patients. Five patients had a second examination with same-day FA and SS-OCTA after treatment of the vasculitis. Three of those 5 patients showed improved retinal vascular leakage/staining on post-treatment FA and decreased perivascular retinal thickness on SS-OCTA scans.


      Swept-source OCT angiography detects structural retinal thickening secondary to inflammatory retinal vascular leakage. Further studies are required to confirm whether SS-OCTA may serve as a semiquantitative alternative to FA to diagnose and monitor the response to treatment in patients with retinal vasculitis.


      Abbreviations and Acronyms:

      BSCR (birdshot chorioretinopathy), FA (fluorescein angiography), ILM (internal limiting membrane), OCTA (OCT angiography), SS-OCTA (swept-source OCTA)
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